Level Design

Crash Site (Jungles of Velda)

This is the design of the first section in our game, called the Crash site.  The goal of this section is to provide the player with a tutorial on the basic play mechanic (moving, jump, double jump) as well as introduce our weapon in the game.  This weapon is alien and allow the player to interact with the environment using two modes (additive and subtractive).  In this section you must open the door using the additive mode.

Caverns of Velda

The caverns of Velda is a vast network of underground beauty.  Otto must navigate the hostile caverns in order to reach the ruins of Jadgo, the city that may contain the answers to his questions.

Ruins of Jadgo

This was the second city built by the Jalgonia. They built it out of the stone native to Velda. It was made in a primitive architectural style, similar in nature to our ancient Mayan civilization. Some blocks of certain buildings have ornamental carvings on them from the early script of the Jalgonia language developed at the time.